14 Months

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Roman turned 14 months on the on December 7th and I am a little late in posting due to all the fun Christmas activities we had planned this past month. I can't believe how quickly time is flying and how big and smart our boy is getting. 

Weight: 27.2lbs according to our home scale. But this was right after breakfast (the excuse I always use.) 
Height: 31.5 inches 76% (from his 12 month appointment.) We have his 15 month appointment next week so we will see how accurate this is. 
Favorite foods: Bananas are still at the top of his list. Tortellini, eggs with veggies, yogurt with spinach mixed in (weirdo.) 
Favorite toys: Rocky, rocking horses, anything with a door, books and all of his new Christmas gifts and their packaging! 
Favorite words: Still ball, dada, pup pup, mama, nana (banana), hi key cat, hey, up, hello 
Commands: Where's the kitty cat? And he runs to find our cat Bexley and waves "hi, key cat." All animals get greeted with "hi, key cat" now except for Rocky. 
Least favorite activity: Diaper changes still and stopping playing to eat. 
Most used baby items: Still loving sani-hand wipes and our Maclaren footmuff which fits on all of our strollers. Also slathering on Cerave cream several times a day to beat dry winter skin and his eczema. 
Looking forward to this month: Most of the month we were anticipating Christmas! Now I am looking forward to having lots of free time to focus on language skills!


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The past two days were a whirlwind of fun. The holidays are always hectic but throw in a toddler, a one and a half hour drive and a snow storm and it becomes even a little more nuts. It is the unexpected that birth some of the best moments. I am so grateful to have married a wonderful man who comes from a wonderful family. We spent our Christmas Eve with them, where Roman's great grand mother prepared the traditional Italian feast of the seven fishes. Christmas morning was spent at home opening presents from Santa, then we drove to my parents house after. My parents always outdo themselves to make our trips home so much fun. There is nothing better than seeing the love my family has for Roman. On our way home, the snow started. Michael and I spent the car rides counting our blessings. We have such loving families to spend the holidays with, our health and most importantly that Roman has such amazing people to grow up with. We truly couldn't ask for anything more in life. We may not have the biggest house, or take the fanciest vacations, I maybe can't cook and Michael may smell like ethnic food after working downstairs all day but we have it all... More than we probably deserve in this little boy and each other. I am eternally grateful. Today will be spent eating all the chocolate in house so I can start a diet tomorrow and coasting into the weekend on the holiday high. The week between Christmas and the New Year is always my favorite. I hope everyone had a great holiday with your loved ones! xo, Amy 

Our weekend

Monday, December 23, 2013

This past weekend was a whirlwind of holiday fun before the big guy shows up Tuesday night. Friday started with me baking, which is about as rare as a big foot sighting. I LOVE sweets but I HATE baking. Roman loved painting Rocky with flour and Rocky loved standing close by for droppings. 

Saturday my parents had their annual Christmas party. It was a ton of fun even if Roman was a grouch from not napping. 

Finally, Sunday we went up to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort to check out their decorations. It was beautiful, but Roman only cared about the elevators. He was obsessed and he and Michael rode every elevator in the place at least 10 times...

Tonight after dinner, we are packing into our Kia sleigh with hot chocolate and driving around the fancy neighborhoods to check out their lights. It's that time... The big man is coming whether Roman likes it or not....

Here are a few pictures of our little guy last year. I can't say it enough how quickly this year flew by. 

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! xoxo, Amy 

DIY Stocking Stuffers: Wooden Olli Blocks

Friday, December 20, 2013

found these wooden Olli blocks on instagram a few months ago and fell in love. They make a great learning toy for toddlers and I just had to have them for Roman. Unfortunately, you can't purchase them ready made, but it was such a simple project that anyone could make. 

First, I had Michael cut a 2x2 of wood into 16, 2inx2in square blocks. He also cut 12, 2inx1in squares. 

I sanded all sides and filed down the edges until they were nice and smooth. 

We used our home printer and printed the file on normal card stock. I then cut out each of the characters. 

We used good old Elmer's (non-toxic) clear glue and a foam brush to adher them to the wood blocks. Once they dried a bit, I coated them with another layer of glue on all 4 sides. 

Finally, I used wood glue to glue magnets to the back of the 2x1 blocks. 

This was such a simple project and the caravan shoppe has so many different seasonal characters you can can purchase. You can check out their shop HERE

Enjoy your weekend! xo, Amy 

Phipps Conservatory Holiday Show

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One of my favorite places in Pittsburgh is Phipps Conservatory. Every season, it transforms into a completely different place for each of their seasonal flower shows. Their winter holiday show is my favorite and we saved it as our last special treat before Christmas. 

This was the first time I let him out of the stroller. He was able to run around on his own and interact with the displays and kid activities in each room. He loved touching the flowers and the amazing train display. 

Roman also found the most crowded spot in the whole place to push a shopping cart around...

Here is our boy last year. Phipps holiday show was his first major outing. I love looking back on how much changed this year. This is one of my favorite pictures ever with my little guy.

And here is one from the summer show. He held a butterfly (using the term loosely.) Not sure of the condition of the butterfly after, poor guy. May he rest in peace. 

xo, Amy 

DIY Stocking Stuffer: Magnetic Fabric Letters

I have been eyeing up these awesome magnetic fabric letters for nearly a year, and now that Roman is finally old enough to get te concept, they quickly moved to the top of his Christmas list. I am pretty good at sewing and love taking on a DIY project whenever I can, so I decided to tackle this DIY project myself. 

I actually followed a tutorial from one of my favorite blogs HERE. It was extremely easy, just monotonous. I had the fabric and felt left over from previous projects, and the pack of magnets cost $6. Much better than the $60 price tag. 

Simply trace the letter cut outs to the fabric which I folded in half over a small piece of felt.

I then sewed around the edge with a magnet inside. Use pinking sheers to trim the letter after it was sewn. You can use fray glue at the end but I chose not to since I am pretty sure we will lose all the letters before wearing them out.

I love making things homemade when I can, and this was such an easy project that I am thankful I did it myself over dropping a lot on them. Next I plan on making numbers and shapes to eventually go with them.
xo, Amy


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