4moms Spout Cover Review

Monday, October 21, 2013

So this isn't my proud moment as a mother, but I have to share the full story on why the 4moms Spout Cover is a great product. As I said before, 4moms sent me some of their products a few months ago to test out and the spout cover was one of them. To be completely honest, after showing my husband the Origami stroller and then this, he was less than impressed and felt just feeling the water was just as effective. Well, let me rewind a little more. This summer, prior to being sent the packages from 4moms, Michael and I were giving Roman a bath. I like warm baths and would run the water the same temperature I would like. (Huge mistake.) I ended up overheating Roman in one of the baths. He actually got a little faint and unresponsive for 30 seconds or so (in mom time it seemed like 10 minutes)... And in even truer mother form I will never forgive myself and spent many sleepless nights worrying that he had an underlying seizure disorder or any of the other thousands of disorders which came up while googling. Thank goodness it was only overheating but that can also be extremely dangerous and something I would never ever want to happen to him again.

The first time I used the spout cover I was shocked. The comfortable temperature for baby was WAY lower than what I was using.  It displays the temperature and either blue (cold), green (comfortable) or red (hot) temperature indicator light to let you know what temperature to use for bath time. 

I was absolutely using too warm of water on Romans baths prior and I feel awful for that. I will forever be grateful for this product and recommend it to all moms. It's very affordable ($29.99) and provides valuable peace of mind. Roman loves to touch the display during bath time. It's extremely easy to install (I actually install it prior to each bath time) and like all of their products, considering they are for babies, it's rather sleek looking. 

The 4moms spout cover is available on their website HERE along with their other fun products! 

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