A day of museums with a toddler - Part 2

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We only live 10 minutes outside of the city and during the day there is no traffic. I didn't need to do both museums in one day but we were already downtown and I just figured what the heck. We had all the food and snacks we needed so it should be simple, right?

We finished up at the Point around lunchtime and I had been wanting to try out The Porch at Schenley, a restaurant on the University of Pittsburgh's campus for quite some time. We made our way down to Oakland (where Roman fell asleep in the car) and I was able to eat the most delicious burger while Roman slept. 

We started walking to the car and walked past the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History. It was close to two by that point but Roman was napped, and Michael wouldn't be home until close to 7 so I figured it's my birthday and when in Rome. Pittsburgh has such great museums and during the weekdays they really aren't crowded at all. 

To be honest we ran through the museum. I read pretty much nothing and by the dinosaurs Roman was getting restless, I don't blame him. 

By the art wing, he was spent but I did get this cute photo of him. 

It was certainly nice to get home afterwards and relax but we had a great day which is proof you can take a toddler to a museum and survive. 

My biggest suggestion is go during the week where if they do melt down there are less people to disrupt. Also bring lots of munchies. I love Plum Organics Little Yums... They come with 3 in a pack, are organic and take a while for them to eat. Most importantly, don't get worked up if there is a meltdown. They are children and anyone who can't sympathize with that is a jerk anyway.  

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