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Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkins: Who doesn't love pumpkins in the fall? Last weekend we finally made it to a pumpkin patch where Roman, Michael and I rode on our very first hayride, ever! Having a toddler is so much fun and these outings are so exciting for Michael and I to watch our boy explore everything for the first time, on foot! 

Big girl purse: After a year of carrying a diaper bag pretty much everywhere, it was time for a new big girl bag. For us at least, I feel like the things I carry around for Roman now that he is a year old are a little less messy than before and I really carry much less around with us on a daily basis. Though I still have my black Coach East West tote that I use on our every day trips... This new Kate Spade Beau bag is definitely large enough to use for special occasions with baby.

Technology: A few months ago, 4moms sent me some of their awesome products to try out and I couldn't be more grateful. Their products rock. Though a full review of this Origami stroller will be coming soon.... I had a major refresher with why I adore the Origami this weekend while we were out over nap time and Roman found it the perfect moment to meltdown. I've gone through a million strollers (okay really 5) but regardless, nothing can put him to sleep like this one can. Aside from it looking rad and the power fold and unfold, it also makes a rocking motion as you walk and after a 5 minute total meltdown in the middle of Ikea he was out cold until we left! Alleluia technology!! 

Cute little boys: Okay, okay I know I am one of THOSE moms who thinks her son walks on water, I just can't help but explode when I see that sweet little smile. I want to keep him my baby forever. 

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