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Sunday, October 27, 2013

bet you expected a post about Roman... 

We had a great weekend traveling back to my hometown to celebrate my moms birthday. The weekend included Michael and I's first date post baby (yup, 13 months to be exact.) It was so great. The weekend also included my dads famous egg breakfast, another yummy dinner out and cake, lots of cake. But the weekend started off rocky..... Literally. 

4 years ago.... A friend found a dog on the side of a highway. He lived in Columbus which is a two hour drive from Pittsburgh and jokingly asked if we wanted it. We were newly engaged, in a brand new house, planning a destination wedding. Of course it was the perfect timing for a dog. (Insert sarcasm.) After work that evening, we made a quick trip to Target for a few dog essentials then drove (more like 4 hours) through a tsunami for our "free" dog. He was so cute, and sweet and though he was infested with fleas and worms and missing huge patches of hair.... We fell in love. 

We arrived back home to around 3am and had to give him a quick bath outside to get some of the bugs off of him before bringing him inside. 

He was such a good, even tempered dog but every time we put him in the crate, we would walk back in the room and he would be out.... With the door still locked.... 

Then THIS happened.... 

I was almost positive our basement had exploded when I came home at lunch to let him out. 

Michael got his first lesson in drywall repair...

Then the next day... Again

Honestly I was so attached to him by this point but Michael, not so much. 

Long story short, this happened a lot over the next few months until finally Rocky won his way upstairs while we were at work and on a daily dose of Prozac. Literally. Don't judge, this boy lives like a king but needs something to take the edge off. Michael and Rocky made up.... He shares a queen bed with us and steals any and all bread in the house, hiding what he can't finish in the couch cushions. There are too many Rocky stories for one post. Honestly. But his most important trait is how good he is to Roman. He loves the kid, and is so gentle, patient and protective. It fills our heart with such joy. 

So why this long post about our first born? Well, Friday I went shopping only to return to an empty house. At first I thought Rocky was stolen? Then the worst thoughts went through my head that Rocky was hurt or worse, dead. I called my husband at work crying to come home because I couldn't bare to find him alone... I searched the house and finally heard a sound in the hall bath. 

I opened the door to find this...

Apparently, Rocky was going through the bath room garbage can and managed to close himself in the dark. Obviously, I can assume he freaked out or our bathroom walls spontaneously combusted. 

Michael and I were just so relieved he was okay. Our house would be so empty without our little clown. 

Michael is excellent at repairing drywall by this point and I am ready for a new bathroom color anyway. Apparently Rocky is too. 

Hope all of your weekends started off a little less rocky... (Har, har, har) 

Here are some of my favorite Rocky pictures from over the years....

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  1. Rocky is the sweetest. Those pictures are priceless.



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