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Monday, October 28, 2013

Until having Roman I've always worked.... Since I was 17. Mondays were alway bleh, so as soon as the babe was born and we got into routine... Mondays became a no housework day and we spend a good portion of it out of the house doing something... Anything.

This Monday we spent the morning at Homegoods and ikea which are dangerously located right next to each other. I'm scoping out some ideas for our family room / kitchen because they are in need of an update. We also hit 100 miles in the Origami.... Seems like something worth celebrating. 

In Homegoods, Roman worked on his Christmas list.... The giant blue bear was a hit. 

And I am totally digging this gold mirror. Please excuse my gypsy outfit. It finally cooled down in Pittsburgh and this is the coziest sweater ever! It gets worn a good several times a week. 

I am loving this tv console in ikea. I am embarrassed to admit my style is totally ikea-esk anymore. Completely opposite what we did the first time around. 

To top off our Monday morning, Roman fell asleep midway through ikea (never fails - thanks 4moms!) so I got to take my time milling around and even got to eat a huge plate of their Swedish meatballs. 

We finished our morning at the Market District. For whatever reason, EVERYONE kept calling him a girl today?! Poor guy. 

Tomorrow we have some Halloween activities planned so laundry and cleaning are going to need to wait until Wednesday.... Darn. Then we always start our weekends on Fridays... I'm such an amazing housewife, but look how sweet this boy is...

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