A Toddler Friendly Christmas - Tree Reveal!

Friday, November 29, 2013

We are still in my hometown visiting my parents for Thanksgiving.... Overnight stays with a toddler are, well interesting to say the least.  Sleep is sketchy and mixing up routines is tough. But with Thanksgiving a thing of the past, it is officially the Christmas season. 
Since we stay with my parents over Thanksgiving, this past week I was a busy elf finishing up my homemade ornaments and decking our halls. I am very proud to announce that the Haegg tree has been up and decorated for almost a full week and Roman still has not managed to pull it down! 

Roman is in absolute love with touching the branches and with pulling off the bottom layer of origami cranes. 

All the decorations and ornaments are homemade. You can find my tutorials for the paper garlands HERE and HERE, the glitter letters HERE and the origami cranes and stars HERE
I am so excited and relieved that the tree is up. I've been determined to get everything done early so we can enjoy all kinds of fun activities this December. I will follow up with more pictures of our decorations once I get them finished and up, hopefully later this week!
I am still brainstorming a different way to display all of our special, delicate glass ornaments. More on this to come later. 
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We are heading home tomorrow morning... I miss my bed and cat and toddler that actually sleeps. Enjoy your leftovers! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully it is filled with loved ones and lots of stuffing! 

Blurry but all of us...

Here is a throwback to our little turkey last year! How quickly time flies! We have so much to be thankful for. Gobble, gobble! XOXO

Our Morning in the Strip District

We are mid project for a couple Christmas gifts and needed a few items from a flower shop in the Strip District. While down there, we decided to make a day of it. The Strip is insane on the weekends but during the week it is absolutely perfect minus all the snow.

Check out all this matching. My favorite winter pattern.

We also FINALLY made it to Pamela's for their famous pancakes. Oh my word, well worth the wait. Roman agrees too...

We have the same reaction over pancakes...

On our way home we stopped to get some live greenery and Roman got to run amongst the trees. He had so much fun running around in the snow! 

Safe travels to everyone this Thanksgiving weekend! XOXO

Little Boy Style: Zara finds

Monday, November 25, 2013

I never imagined a little boy could be so fun to shop for. It really is all about finding the right stores. 

It's no secret that Zara makes my short list of favorite stores for both Roman and I. They have some really different looks for your little one for a great price!

Here are a few of the looks I've been eyeing up for my little buddy...

All can be found on Zara's website HERE

I am also dying over this sweater for myself, hopefully Santa reads my blog...

A Toddler Friendly Christmas - DIY Origami Cranes and Paper Stars

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I am gung-ho on having a toddler safe tree this year. All of our ornaments are glass and very delicate and when they break, they shatter. I needed a replacement this year, and frankly for probably several years to follow. Previously I posted a paper garland, glitter letter ornaments, and tassel garlands which are going to drape our tree this. Now it's time for some ornament replacements that aren't a danger to Roman. 

Disclaimer: I may or may not have been way too into origami in my younger years. I always break out my origami crane making skills for the money dance at weddings (whats up south west PA.) 

I love origami cranes and stars and think they will make the perfect temporary replacement for all my special ornaments. They are also super easy to make and free because I have loads of leftover scrapbook paper. 

Here are some picture instructions.... But there is also a Pinterest tutorial HERE which was very helpful. 

Roman approves. 

For the stars, I bought the tutorial HERE to make my own, but she also sells them pre made HERE.

And as a send off, a few of my very favorite ornaments which won't be making the tree this year. 

Mom Makeup

Friday, November 22, 2013

As much as I love venturing out of the house in my yoga pants and unbrushed hair, those are ALWAY the days I run into old friends or coworkers. I would also love to say I doll myself up for my husband everyday, but by the time Michael gets home at night I am back in my pajamas with a clean face. It is so important to have a quick and simple routine to get us on our way in the mornings so we can be back home in time for Romans afternoon nap. 

My four must haves for everyday are so easy to apply and give me just enough color so I don't look like a zombie all day. 

Dior Air-flash Foundation -This stuff isn't cheap, but I have sensitive skin and it applies so quick and easy that it is worth it.  I just spray on like hairspray then buff  with a large kabuki brush for everyday, or apply by spraying directly on the kabuki brush for when I am doing full makeup and want more coverage. For everyday light use you don't even loose powder on top.

Dior Sun Powder - Again, not cheap but a compact will last a good 6 months of everyday use. I use this to add color and dimension and also as my blush during the week. 

MAC False Lashes Mascara - I don't play favorites with mascara. I truly believe Mabeline works just as well. Bottom line is I need mascara every day. 

Lancôme Juicy Tubes lip gloss - Santa brought me a variety of these my senior year of high school, ten years ago and I am still using them up. They are the best. I don't like lip color but these add just the right amount of life for every day and they moisturize all day long, very important for a Pittsburgh winter.

I definitely amp it up a bit with eyeshadow, etc if I am going out anywhere other than the grocery store or Target, but this routine helps ward off the wolves when we are making quick trips out. 

Fortunately, the weekend is here! Which means I will probably have to take more than 5 minutes getting ready for some fun! XOXO

Healthy Eats for a Picky Eater

Thursday, November 21, 2013

We have been struggling lately to get a variety of healthy foods into Roman.

I made all of Romans purées fresh from organic fruits and vegetables up until recently when he decided he is 100% over it. We got away with doing only purées up until a few months ago because the poor kid still only has two teeth. Though it was a lot of work, it was such a relief to be able to ensure he got a variety of fruits and veggies for every meal. 

A simple rule of thumb when making any purée is to clean, peel, steam until soft then use the water you steamed in to thin down the purée. Only use fresh water when steaming kale, spinach or other leafy greens. Roman loved everything from pears and rutabega to spinach and kale... Until he didn't. We have a Baby Bullet which is so quick and easy to clean. 

Some of his favorites now are whole wheat pancakes, bananas, veggie and cheese quesadilla, grilled cheese with turkey and avacado, mac and cheese with peas, Greek yogurt and tortellini. Outside of that - Roman won't eat it. It majorly concerns me that he now isn't getting enough variety. 

Yesterday we made a trip to Whole Foods where it was easier for me to narrow down healthier foods for my little guy that he may actually eat. 

He loved the Christmas trees...

Some of the items we bought are veggie burgers, turkey meatballs, tofu, broccoli pancakes and some better veggie mixes. They also had organic gram crackers which Roman loves. Here's hoping that some of this will be a hit for lunch time! 

What are some ways you sneak veggies in on your little one?

A Toddler Friendly Christmas - DIY Glitter Letter Ornaments

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Last week, I posted a tutorial on paper garlands perfect for a toddler friendly tree. This week, I am working on glitter letter ornaments. Pottery barn is selling something similar this year, but we already have a billion ornaments (few of which are non breakable) and I am all for a cheaper solution. These are obviously shatterproof which is my main goal, but if your little one still puts everything in their mouth and they aren't an elf... Then obviously the glitter wouldn't be toddler friendly. 

Again, these are so simple and inexpensive to make. I was able to make around 40 in a variety of sizes for $6.00. 

All you need is a pencil, cardboard box, box cutter, Elmer's glue, a sponge brush and lots and lots of glitter...

We have it easy since I only made H's (our last name is Haegg) which are arguably the easiest letter in the alphabet to make. 

All I did was draw an "H" on the cardboard and cut it out with the box cutter. Then use the paper punch to make two holes at the top for string. 

I painted on Elmer's glue. (Only do one side at a time.)

Then, you sprinkle with the glitter!  

When the first side dries, flip them over and repeat. 

This is a super easy project for Christmas and can make a big impact on the tree. They are also unbreakable which is the most important factor this year! 

I can't believe Thanksgiving is only a couple weeks away. We always put our tree up the day before Thanksgiving since we spend the holiday weekend in my hometown at my parents house. It's so exciting to come home and have Christmas cheer to greet us. Now it's time to get started on my project for next week! 

4moms Breeze Play Yard Review

I went all wrong with my baby registry, so I now love sharing my favorite items so hopefully some tired pregnant gal can register for items she is really going to love. 

As I mentioned in my 4moms spout cover review, 4moms sent us some of their product line a few months ago to try out. A Pittsburgh company (fist bump), they really do make THE coolest baby products. (Not to mention they have the sweetest PR team around.)

Roman is 13 months old, which means for 14 months we have had a play yard set up in at least one room in our house. The pack and play we registered for is an eyesore, but we still have it up in our bedroom for when I am getting ready and Roman won't quit playing with the toilet lid. It is probably going to remain there forever since I never folded or unfolded it because I tried once and it was impossible. 

The Breeze lives downstairs in the office/playroom. The modern, sleek design looks so nice in any room of our house without screaming "a baby lives here." Romans screaming announces that to everyone enough as it is. 

Pictures really don't do this thing justice... You can find a video HERE. 

I love this product because you can literally be holding your little one on one arm, and setting up your play yard in the other. We do this a lot, especially in the summer when we would take him outside to do yard work. 

I never used the bassinet option as Roman was 10 months old when we received it. But setting it up is also super simple. It clips very easily around the edge, then a top fabric flap just folds over. It comes with two mattresses which would be great if you have an infant and toddler close in age.

It also comes with a changing pad which I love to use when I change his diaper downstairs. 

Lets face it, moms juggle plenty at one time. If there are products out there to make our day easier, its a good investment. The Breeze is reasonably priced at $299 and worth every penny. If you are looking for the coolest, sleekest baby items around, I suggest checking out their website HERE. 


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