4moms Breeze Play Yard Review

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I went all wrong with my baby registry, so I now love sharing my favorite items so hopefully some tired pregnant gal can register for items she is really going to love. 

As I mentioned in my 4moms spout cover review, 4moms sent us some of their product line a few months ago to try out. A Pittsburgh company (fist bump), they really do make THE coolest baby products. (Not to mention they have the sweetest PR team around.)

Roman is 13 months old, which means for 14 months we have had a play yard set up in at least one room in our house. The pack and play we registered for is an eyesore, but we still have it up in our bedroom for when I am getting ready and Roman won't quit playing with the toilet lid. It is probably going to remain there forever since I never folded or unfolded it because I tried once and it was impossible. 

The Breeze lives downstairs in the office/playroom. The modern, sleek design looks so nice in any room of our house without screaming "a baby lives here." Romans screaming announces that to everyone enough as it is. 

Pictures really don't do this thing justice... You can find a video HERE. 

I love this product because you can literally be holding your little one on one arm, and setting up your play yard in the other. We do this a lot, especially in the summer when we would take him outside to do yard work. 

I never used the bassinet option as Roman was 10 months old when we received it. But setting it up is also super simple. It clips very easily around the edge, then a top fabric flap just folds over. It comes with two mattresses which would be great if you have an infant and toddler close in age.

It also comes with a changing pad which I love to use when I change his diaper downstairs. 

Lets face it, moms juggle plenty at one time. If there are products out there to make our day easier, its a good investment. The Breeze is reasonably priced at $299 and worth every penny. If you are looking for the coolest, sleekest baby items around, I suggest checking out their website HERE. 

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