A Toddler Friendly Christmas - DIY Tassel Garland

Monday, November 18, 2013

This weekend was such a whirlwind filled with love, dancing and too much champagne. My best friend got married and it was such a beautiful event. Unfortunately, I managed to snap not one single picture. Not even one from the rehearsal dinner where Roman joined us and we were all dolled up. Pictures will have to wait until the photographer shares. 

Today, I wanted to share an easy tissue tassel garland, perfect for Christmas. I made a ton of these garlands in a variety of sizes for Roman's first birthday fiesta, and really perfected my technique. 

One sheet of tissue paper makes one full sized tassel, or 8 mini tassels. Since this will be hanging on our Christmas tree, I am showing how to make a mini tassel but a full sized garland follows the same technique. 

Fold the tissue paper in half longways and cut along the fold making two long pieces. 

Then, fold longways again. This time cut in to fourths vertically. 

Keep the small piece of tissue folded in half. Now, fold in half in the opposite direction of the top fold, then fold over again keeping the original fold at the top. You will need to continue folding for full size tassels.

Cut 3 slits leaving a half inch at the top uncut. A lot of Pinterest tutorials say to use a rotary cutter but this method never worked for me and drove me insane. 

Unfold the cut sheet completely. You will have fringe on both ends connected by a slit of tissue. 

Now, roll along the center slit. 

Fold in half and tada, you have your tassel ready to be attached to your garland.

Cut your twine to your desired length. 

For mini tassels you can eyeball your spacing easier, but for full sized garland I usually do 4 inch spacing. 

Fold the tassel over the twine and use a glue dot to fasten the fold to the string. 

The normal tissue is very easy to cut and fold but the silver foil tissue is a bit more challenging. I had a hard time finding it but Hobby Lobby proved successful in the end. 

Here is how it looks with some of the other DIY projects I've been posting for our toddler friendly Christmas. 

My next project is paper stars made from old book pages. I can't wait to share them with everyone! 


  1. I did this a few weeks ago and loved it! I need to redo one with the shiny silver foil for Christmas!

  2. How fun! I've been looking for some cute DIY projects to decorate for x-mas and I think this is one I can confidently try! Happy Tuesday!

  3. thank you for sharing this! a diy i think i can handle. think i'll try to get some sort of decorations going on around here!



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