A Toddler Friendly Christmas - DIY Origami Cranes and Paper Stars

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I am gung-ho on having a toddler safe tree this year. All of our ornaments are glass and very delicate and when they break, they shatter. I needed a replacement this year, and frankly for probably several years to follow. Previously I posted a paper garland, glitter letter ornaments, and tassel garlands which are going to drape our tree this. Now it's time for some ornament replacements that aren't a danger to Roman. 

Disclaimer: I may or may not have been way too into origami in my younger years. I always break out my origami crane making skills for the money dance at weddings (whats up south west PA.) 

I love origami cranes and stars and think they will make the perfect temporary replacement for all my special ornaments. They are also super easy to make and free because I have loads of leftover scrapbook paper. 

Here are some picture instructions.... But there is also a Pinterest tutorial HERE which was very helpful. 

Roman approves. 

For the stars, I bought the tutorial HERE to make my own, but she also sells them pre made HERE.

And as a send off, a few of my very favorite ornaments which won't be making the tree this year. 

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