Little Boy Style - 2

Monday, November 4, 2013

Little boy clothing can be so unique. I love hunting for little hipster 
clothing for Roman and I have a few favorite shops where I get the majority of his wardrobe....

Top Left: Sweatshirt, jeans and shoes from Gap
Top Right: Leggings from Salt City Emporium, Top and hat from Gap
Bottom Left: Sweater from Zara, Leggings from Gap, Boots from Target, Baby aviator sunglasses from Childrens Place
Bottom Right: Puff pea coat from Gap, Hat and mittens from H&M

Baby Gap always has cute stuff. I also love being able to see everything in store. 

Roman is so rough and tumble and is most comfortable in a good pair of leggings. Salt City Emporium ( has the best leggings and slouched beanies for your little ones. The patterns are so cool and make your little guy look so hip. (Yup, hip in leggings.... Heard it here first folks.)

My #1 go to for little boy style is absolutely Zara. Their prices are pretty good... (Better than Gap even.) The quality is the best out there and they have some really unique items. 

What are some of your go-to baby boy style items?

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  1. I agree BabyGap is one of my faces. But those deer leggings are to die for. I think I need them.



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