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Friday, November 22, 2013

As much as I love venturing out of the house in my yoga pants and unbrushed hair, those are ALWAY the days I run into old friends or coworkers. I would also love to say I doll myself up for my husband everyday, but by the time Michael gets home at night I am back in my pajamas with a clean face. It is so important to have a quick and simple routine to get us on our way in the mornings so we can be back home in time for Romans afternoon nap. 

My four must haves for everyday are so easy to apply and give me just enough color so I don't look like a zombie all day. 

Dior Air-flash Foundation -This stuff isn't cheap, but I have sensitive skin and it applies so quick and easy that it is worth it.  I just spray on like hairspray then buff  with a large kabuki brush for everyday, or apply by spraying directly on the kabuki brush for when I am doing full makeup and want more coverage. For everyday light use you don't even loose powder on top.

Dior Sun Powder - Again, not cheap but a compact will last a good 6 months of everyday use. I use this to add color and dimension and also as my blush during the week. 

MAC False Lashes Mascara - I don't play favorites with mascara. I truly believe Mabeline works just as well. Bottom line is I need mascara every day. 

Lancôme Juicy Tubes lip gloss - Santa brought me a variety of these my senior year of high school, ten years ago and I am still using them up. They are the best. I don't like lip color but these add just the right amount of life for every day and they moisturize all day long, very important for a Pittsburgh winter.

I definitely amp it up a bit with eyeshadow, etc if I am going out anywhere other than the grocery store or Target, but this routine helps ward off the wolves when we are making quick trips out. 

Fortunately, the weekend is here! Which means I will probably have to take more than 5 minutes getting ready for some fun! XOXO

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