Our Toddler Tuesday

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This week, also known as teething Tuesday or traffic ticket Tuesday...

Tuesdays are the only day of the week that we have a real routine.... We meet my sister in law and nephew for story time at the local library, then in the afternoon we have OT. (Honestly not sure why we see OT anymore, but that's a whole different story.) 

Compliments of day light savings, we are now morning people? Roman rocked out to an extra hour of sleep like a champ on Sunday..... And I thought we were right on track..... But the past two nights he now thinks that 6am is morning. Kid... 

We took full advantage of our early start by stopping for Starbucks before our 9:30am story time, which also made us slightly late. Then I ran a stop sign and subsequently got a ticket... Woof. 

What made this Tuesday even more special was both my niece and nephew were off school making it a play date with all three cuties. Angelo is two months older than Roman and I love watching them interact and wrestle.

Storytime is such a great activity for a one year old. It teaches them some structure and gives him interaction with other kids his age. It's also nice for me to be around other mothers and make new friends.

Our Tuesday was a complete hit and wore us both out...

What are some of your favorite play dates?


  1. Love your little mans style!!!!! If I had a boy, I would dress him just like that. :)


  2. Your little one is adorable! We like to take our babies to the park for play dates.



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