14 Months

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Roman turned 14 months on the on December 7th and I am a little late in posting due to all the fun Christmas activities we had planned this past month. I can't believe how quickly time is flying and how big and smart our boy is getting. 

Weight: 27.2lbs according to our home scale. But this was right after breakfast (the excuse I always use.) 
Height: 31.5 inches 76% (from his 12 month appointment.) We have his 15 month appointment next week so we will see how accurate this is. 
Favorite foods: Bananas are still at the top of his list. Tortellini, eggs with veggies, yogurt with spinach mixed in (weirdo.) 
Favorite toys: Rocky, rocking horses, anything with a door, books and all of his new Christmas gifts and their packaging! 
Favorite words: Still ball, dada, pup pup, mama, nana (banana), hi key cat, hey, up, hello 
Commands: Where's the kitty cat? And he runs to find our cat Bexley and waves "hi, key cat." All animals get greeted with "hi, key cat" now except for Rocky. 
Least favorite activity: Diaper changes still and stopping playing to eat. 
Most used baby items: Still loving sani-hand wipes and our Maclaren footmuff which fits on all of our strollers. Also slathering on Cerave cream several times a day to beat dry winter skin and his eczema. 
Looking forward to this month: Most of the month we were anticipating Christmas! Now I am looking forward to having lots of free time to focus on language skills!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Way too big! Cant we freeze time yet?

  2. My son is 14 months old (born Oct 24th) and he loooooves yogurt with spinach! I thought surely he was the only child in this world that liked it!! Glad we aren't alone :)

    1. That's hilarious!!! Whatever it takes to get veggies in them right!? If you have any other tips on sneaking veggies in please share!

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  4. Sounds like b! Except for the eggs! He's deathly allergic!

    1. Oh no! Poor b! Even in cookies and such!?



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