DIY Stocking Stuffer: Magnetic Fabric Letters

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I have been eyeing up these awesome magnetic fabric letters for nearly a year, and now that Roman is finally old enough to get te concept, they quickly moved to the top of his Christmas list. I am pretty good at sewing and love taking on a DIY project whenever I can, so I decided to tackle this DIY project myself. 

I actually followed a tutorial from one of my favorite blogs HERE. It was extremely easy, just monotonous. I had the fabric and felt left over from previous projects, and the pack of magnets cost $6. Much better than the $60 price tag. 

Simply trace the letter cut outs to the fabric which I folded in half over a small piece of felt.

I then sewed around the edge with a magnet inside. Use pinking sheers to trim the letter after it was sewn. You can use fray glue at the end but I chose not to since I am pretty sure we will lose all the letters before wearing them out.

I love making things homemade when I can, and this was such an easy project that I am thankful I did it myself over dropping a lot on them. Next I plan on making numbers and shapes to eventually go with them.
xo, Amy


  1. Love this and the colors you chose, and love that you thought my version was helpful! Great stocking stuffer too!



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