Gnocchi at Great Nanas

Monday, December 2, 2013

This Sunday was such a special treat. Every Sunday we visit my husbands grandparents, Roman's great grandparents house for their homemade pasta. Nana must not have got the memo that we completely over ate the past week and made her famous homemade gnocchi. When I say amazing food, it is truly like nothing I've ever had before. They moved to America from Italy 50 or so years ago and her pasta is so good, we won't even dare order pasta in restaurants anymore. This was Roman's first go at the gnocchi and he came home with a full belly just as the rest of us. 

Even Rocky gets a plate of pasta, meatballs and broccoli. (And a creeping baby.)

After dinner dance show by Roman.

In true Italian grandmother form, she also sent us home with 3 days worth so I don't have to worry about cooking until Thursday... Thanks Nana! 

I'm so grateful Roman is able to know and love the two people who are most important to my husband. They truly are such special people. 

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