Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The past two days were a whirlwind of fun. The holidays are always hectic but throw in a toddler, a one and a half hour drive and a snow storm and it becomes even a little more nuts. It is the unexpected that birth some of the best moments. I am so grateful to have married a wonderful man who comes from a wonderful family. We spent our Christmas Eve with them, where Roman's great grand mother prepared the traditional Italian feast of the seven fishes. Christmas morning was spent at home opening presents from Santa, then we drove to my parents house after. My parents always outdo themselves to make our trips home so much fun. There is nothing better than seeing the love my family has for Roman. On our way home, the snow started. Michael and I spent the car rides counting our blessings. We have such loving families to spend the holidays with, our health and most importantly that Roman has such amazing people to grow up with. We truly couldn't ask for anything more in life. We may not have the biggest house, or take the fanciest vacations, I maybe can't cook and Michael may smell like ethnic food after working downstairs all day but we have it all... More than we probably deserve in this little boy and each other. I am eternally grateful. Today will be spent eating all the chocolate in house so I can start a diet tomorrow and coasting into the weekend on the holiday high. The week between Christmas and the New Year is always my favorite. I hope everyone had a great holiday with your loved ones! xo, Amy 

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