Our Christmas Cards

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Yesterday was one of those days... I was wrapping presents enjoying what I thought was 10 minutes of silent play when I looked down at my beautiful boy covered in glue dots.. Head to toe. The entire day followed suit leaving us with not one picture to share. But I am so excited to finally be able to share our 2013 Christmas cards! My best friend since kindergarten (true story) Allison, is a very talented graphic designer who recently opened her own shop. My wedding save the date was actually her very first project, and now over three years later, she has a beautiful business which is growing quickly. There is nothing this girl can't make. Check out her shop, Paper Hearts Invitations HERE. She has made all sorts of invitations for us, from my baby shower to Roman's baptism and first birthday invitations, but this is actually the first year she's done our Christmas cards, and they are my favorite yet! 

Christmas cards are the easiest to fill out when accompanied by a giant slice of Italian lemon cake...

Here are a few from past years. I think Bexley, our cat is thrilled to no longer be included in the photo. She hates everyone but me, and there is usually a dog / cat fight to follow which always lands her on the naughty list. 

We were obviously engaged here for Michael to voluntarily partake in this weirdness. Nothing says Merry Christmas like laser cat eyes.

Another awkward photo between Rocky and Bexley. 

Last year was probably the first year people didn't scratch their heads when they received our card. 

I get so excited to check the mail every day for cards. Just reason #485922 why December is the best month ever. 


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