Phipps Conservatory Holiday Show

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One of my favorite places in Pittsburgh is Phipps Conservatory. Every season, it transforms into a completely different place for each of their seasonal flower shows. Their winter holiday show is my favorite and we saved it as our last special treat before Christmas. 

This was the first time I let him out of the stroller. He was able to run around on his own and interact with the displays and kid activities in each room. He loved touching the flowers and the amazing train display. 

Roman also found the most crowded spot in the whole place to push a shopping cart around...

Here is our boy last year. Phipps holiday show was his first major outing. I love looking back on how much changed this year. This is one of my favorite pictures ever with my little guy.

And here is one from the summer show. He held a butterfly (using the term loosely.) Not sure of the condition of the butterfly after, poor guy. May he rest in peace. 

xo, Amy 

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  1. His little cart is so cute, with all this groceries, adorable! xx



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