Tis the Season.. To Give Back

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I was beyond thrilled when 4moms contacted me to partner up as secret Santa this season. The holidays are such a great time to give thanks and more importantly give back... And I mean more than paying for the next chumps Starbucks behind you (though that's a nice start.) 

This year we have been gathering up new toys for Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh for them to use for all the little sweeties who are unfortunately spending a lot of time there. 4moms so graciously also sent us with a couple of their super popular mamaRoos. 4moms is such an amazing company, and they make THE best baby products. When we arrived at Children's and word spread that we had mamaRoos in hand, the members of the child life group swarmed! 4moms mamaRoos are a hot commodity around there since they are the only brand of swing/bouncer which can be sanitized between patients and they are the hospitals favorite for soothing fussy babies. They plan on using them in the PICU and cardiac units where they are lacking the manpower to hold and rock these sweet little angels as they recover. I was honored to be able to deliver mamaRoos for such an important cause and Childrens hospital was so grateful to receive them.

We delivered these over lunchtime so Michael even got to join us. I was so happy to be able to do this as a family, even with year end being Michael's busy time at work. Any extra time with him makes all of us happy.

I feel so lucky to have such a healthy little boy and can't imagine what the parents at Childrens Hospital are experiencing. I hope this remains our tradition to visit Children's hospital to give back for all they do for their patients. Hopefully we won't need to visit there outside of paying thanks anytime soon, but it is reassuring to know such a state of the art facility is in our back yard. 

We are also super excited to share another secret Santa surprise compliments of 4moms tomorrow, for a sweet family from my hometown. Tis the season everyone! 

Visit 4moms Facebook page HERE where you can enter for a chance to play secret Santa for a friend too!

Also, check out all of 4moms products HERE... You will definitely want to add all of them to your Christmas list! You can read my reviews for the Breeze and Spout Cover and I promise to finally write one up for the Origami which is all of our favorite stroller ever. (Especially my husbands.)

xo, Amy 

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  1. This is amazing!! Such great work by you and 4moms, and consider me super jealous, too! Would love a Mamaroo for baby Kenley, our last bouncer is kinda a piece - so far she doesn't seem to notice the batteries are dead lol!

    Definitely inspired to give back in a bigger way!



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