15 Months

Friday, January 10, 2014

Weight: 27 lbs (94th percentile lol) 
Height: 31 inches (30th percentile... Again lol) 
Favorite foods: Veggie eggs with cheese, bananas, anything with red sauce, gram crackers and gold fish are at the top of his list. He will eat nothing if I feed it to him and anything Michael feeds to him which is only slightly frustrating as a SAHM. 
Favorite toys: His kitchen, remote controls, Rocky's collar, books
Favorite words: Book is his newest. He is definitely much more physical than verbal right now. Signs "more" anytime he wants food. Still mama, dada, pup pup, key cat, ball, up, hi 
Milestones: We can tell him to go get his book, bink, ball, and kitty cat. He also knows to "come get your diaper changed," "bath time," "ready to eat," "where is your hair," and "how big is Roman." He loves to help fill the dishwasher with his play utensils. When I open the dishwasher to load or unload he runs into the play room to get his silverware to add to the wash. He also loves to dance to any music, (embarrassingly Led Zeplin Stairway to heaven is his FAVORITE.)  He will flip through all the songs until that comes on then stands up to dance. He also loves the theme song to the Colbert Report and will run in from any room of the house to dance to it. I think he thinks Stephen is talking directly to him. Me too kid. 
Least favorite activities: Hearing NO is definitely his least favorite.
Most used baby items: We just broke out our humidifier we got for his shower this week since we are all fighting a light cold. It is working wonders! He is also obsessed with books.... Especially his Potty book which he brings to me to read 30,000 times a day. 
Looking forward to this month: We have plans to visit the Science Center for the first time next week! Also, Roman will be starting a toddler gymnastics class this month. I am pretty sure my active little guy is going to love it! 

^^ Loves to help clean!

^^ Action shot of Roman running into the wall while I was taking Rocky's profile for a dining room project. Perfect timing. 

^^ Does any toddler really not rip up the paper?! 

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