Friday, January 10, 2014

We survived the first full week of the New Year. It's been bitter cold in Pittsburgh. The high Tuesday was 4. 4 degrees?! Needless to say, we l didn't leave the house much this week. In honor of the freezing temps, I want to review the weeks highs and lows. 

Our low this week has definitely been the temperatures spoiling our plans. I was looking forward to going to a few antique shops around the city but it was just too cold to take little man out. I'm not used to spending five days inside the house without leaving even for a grocery store run. (Neither is Roman.) We are now suffering a bit of cabin fever. Fortunately, my parents are coming to stay with us this weekend so Michael and I can go on our second date since Roman was born, 15 months ago. 

On the up side, the cold weather also contributed to the highs of the week. Roman and I got a ton of snuggling and reading in. It really pushed me to come up with new activities because by Friday, all of his toys were old news after having no outtings to break up the day. Fortunately, we have tons of cardboard boxes to turn into forts for months to come. A saving grace with a toddler. I also finished painting the dining room and reupholstered the chairs. I am waiting for a few things I ordered to come in and still have a couple pictures to hang but for the most part the dining room is finished. I will share a full post hopefully later this week. We are now picking out paint colors for the rest of the house. 

Here are a few picture stragglers from the first week of the New Year! 

Have a great weekend! Hopefully you are all thawing out like we are here in Pittsburgh! 

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  1. When I meet you two someday please excuse me when I kiss that sweet boy all over gahhh I live him! That red pajama number? I die.



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