A Long Overdue 4moms Origami Review

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Today, I wanted to share a very long and long overdue review of the 4moms Origami stroller, aka the most amazing mom toy ever. 

I have been postponing a review for the Origami because I have so much to say and apparently all it took to pull it all out was -8 degree weather here in Pittsburgh. Is it spring time yet? 

Let me start by saying, anyone who says a power folding stroller isn't necessary for a baby.... Well duh. But it is super cool! This stroller caters to mom... Roman loves it too, not to mention Michael, who insists on pushing it anywhere we go. Seriously, he rolled his eyes the first 500 times I folded and unfolded it in our dining room the first day.... But he now fights me to be the one to push it every time we are out. 

If you have been living under a rock and haven't heard of 4moms, check their website out HERE. Their products are so innovative and so much thought and care goes into the design of each item. If the cool products aren't reason enough to love their company, they are also a nice company... Constantly doing good in the community. I like that. 

When the Origami arrived at our doorstep, (after doing a 3 minute happy dance) I started assembling. It was very, very easy to assemble. It maybe took all of 5 minutes to have it ready to roll. They have a variety of color kits available online for purchase. The Origami comes standard in silver fabric but they also sent us the black color kit. The fabric is easy to clean and the white straps actually don't attract filth like I originally expected. After a ton of use and snacking in the seat, they still look like new.... Though I take stroller upkeep as seriously as an old retired man does in washing his car. 

This stroller works for you. You can purchase the iphone charger accessory so you can charge your iphone as you walk. Obviously, the big feature is that it power folds and unfolds at literally the push of a button. Well, a turn of a knob then a push of a button.  The first place I used this stroller was at Target and when I folded the stroller, like 3 people came running over to gawk. Even a fedex guy hopped out of his practically moving truck to admire it. If you are a shy person, or hate being talked to, then DO NOT get this stroller. The headlights and sleek pod design attract a lot of attention no matter where we go.

The LCD screen, (yup the only LCD screen we have in our house is on our stroller... That's pathetic considering I married a techy IT guy) displays your mileage for the current trip and the life of the stroller, a temperature gauge, speedometer and a cute little picture of a girl or boy if your sweetie is in the seat, (incase you are too distracted by your cool stroller and forget you have a child.) The Origami has built in sensors so it will not fold if your child  is in the seat - before you ask. It also has a lock button which is a great safety feature since Roman has learned how to unfold the stroller. You gotta watch this bad boy fold and unfold before we go any further. 

I only used the basket underneath a few times. I like that it is detachable. It has plenty of space for a small lunchbox or a shopping bag. Considering I rarely use the underneath basket I love using this stroller for the mall. It is so easy to maneuver, and the heavy body allows you to sling a few bags over the handles without fear of it tipping, though they don't advise you do so, I like to live on the edge. 

One thing I see in other reviews of the Origami is the 32lb weight. I have no problem with this... Maybe I just have freakish strength but to lift it in and out of my Kia Sorrento is no more difficult with any other stroller. 

Have I mentioned that the stroller has a built in generators? It recharges itself as you walk.. Though I have had it die on me once while out where I had to manually fold it. Not really a big deal, just a bit awkward since I totally skipped those pages in the user manual. I've charged it probably twice in the 6 months that we've had it and after a whole lotta use. 

The Origami is such a well constructed, well thought out stroller.  It has two cup holders, a very easy to use break that just presses down or pops up that is flip flop friendly. I was initially concerned that the seat doesn't recline all the way back but that ended up being a feature I never use with any of our strollers. 

Is this a good stroller if you live on a 5th floor apartment with no elevator, or ride public transportation with your little every day? No. But frankly, no stroller is for that situation. If that were our situation, I would probably only use a baby carrier... Or move. Just kidding. Would I travel with this stroller on a plane? No. That's what umbrella strollers are for. Is this good for monsoons or blizzards? I have no clue, I am too scared to try and we have other strollers for inclement weather. They say you can use it in any weather, and sell a weather cover separately but I once lost a cell phone in a bowl of ice cream and learned wet and electronics don't mix. Could this be your one and only stroller? It all depends on your budget and what your daily activities look like. You could easily get away with this stroller and a $10 umbrella stroller from Target.  One thing is for sure, Roman naps like a dream in the Origami. It makes a slight swaying motion as you walk and puts him right to sleep. (Alleluia!) 

When I originally made my registry for Roman, I had no clue how products could affect your daily life. I registered for a mediocre stroller and regretted it ever since. We go some where every day, be it a walk or a trip to the mall or museum so a stroller is very important not only for Roman's comfort but my own.  If you are going to splurge on any one baby item, the Origami would be a great choice.... You won't regret it. 

My only wish for the Origami is that 4moms will come out with a skate board attachment so we can also use this for baby #2 in a few years. We use our universal footmuff by Maclaren on this stroller when we need to but it would also be nice for 4moms to come out with a more tailored version for the Origami. 

Thank you to 4moms for sending Roman the Origami, along with the Breeze and Spout Cover. We love your products and are so proud you call Pittsburgh home! 

Here are a few photos from our adventures with the Origami that I shared on instagram (@amynicole124) these past few months....

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