Little Fireplace Update

Friday, January 31, 2014

This week we finished a little update to our fireplace. The nook above the fireplace has always been an awkward space for me. When the fireplace was green I always felt it looked dated, and nothing really worked decoration wise. We always wanted to make a mantle (and still do) but I still didn't know what to do with the little nook, and we considered even knocking it out. Finally, thanks to good old Pinterest, I found some great ideas that people used as accent walls behind mounted televisions. Once we get better weather, we want to make a family trip to a lumber yard downtown to find our slab for the mantle... But that may have to wait until spring. I love the more modern look this has and it definitely warmed up the white walls and gives the room some character. 

We are bunkered down for a weekend in, Michael working on the basement and me working on our cabinets. Roman is apparently having some car issues so he is going to be staying in this weekend too. :) Happy Friday! 


  1. What a great transformation! A nice, thick mantle would really make it come to life! Roman is such a cute name!

    xx Viv

  2. Roman is so sweet boy!

    Have a nice evening!




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