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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our quarantine continues this week with the cold weather. I don't remember weeks of below zero weather like this ever and with no end in sight, we have spent the week decluttering, playing, reading 4,593,927 books, playing, prepping the cabinets for paint, planning our April vacation to the Bahamas and even more playing. I also did the blueprint cleanse on Tuesday to kick start healthy eating for an early bikini season, and made cupcakes from scratch today. Have I mentioned I suck at diets? My boys have been making the best of being stuck in the house.... And I have been loving all the extra snuggles and one on one playing we've been getting in. Please excuse the mess of toys, this is real life and in real life we've been snowed in and this mess has been our saving grace. 

^^ Such a climber... When does this phase end??  

^^ Doing it wrong. 


Nothing beats the cold weather blues like vacation planning. We got married at the Atlantis in the Bahamas almost 3 years ago. While there, we dreamed of going back for our 5 year anniversary and are so excited to go back sooner than expected with our monkey. 

^^ Blueprint cleanse. Woof. If I never eat kale or cucumbers again it will be too soon. I will say, I felt fantastic after just a one day cleanse and my energy was back up to normal. But as far as it being the cleanse for foodies? I prefer burgers and cake. #sorrynotsorry

^^ I've mentioned before I hate baking. But we have been snowed in, and all I had to work with was ingredients. They were fantastic, especially after a full day of liquid rabbit food. 

Keep warm! xoxo, Amy

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  1. Those cupcakes look amazing! & I swear these pictures are identical to our being stuck at home and b's antics around the house!



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