The day we almost came home with a(nother) cat...

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What started as a quick stop to pick up cat food for my beloved bexley.... Quickly turned into a lesson to never, ever go to the pet store alone with Roman or else expect to come home to a Zoo one day. Usually I can walk right past the cats for adoption because I know if I slow down and read their stories that I will become attached and end up the lady with 30 cats. (Fun story, that's how it ended up with Bexley. I went during my lunch break to just "look" and went home with a beautiful but mean feral cat and a very angry ex boyfriend.) Roman is animal crazy just like Michael and I.... As soon as he saw the cats in cages he freaked. He especially loved the tabby... She was so friendly to him and he was even able to kiss her through the gate. How do you not come home with such a sweet cat!? I promptly called Michael, from the store and asked if we had room for another cat. He said yes, as long as we got rid of bexley. Son of a... 

Bexley is curled up in the office and sweet kitty is still at the store :( hopefully soon to be adopted by a sweet family. 

Afterwards we visited target where we got the best $5 toy ever. I could have cared less about these eggs when I was little but Roman played with them for a good 30 minutes... 

He even cooked me up some eggs...

Then 5 minutes later I turned around to this... Boy has got some mad tornado skills. 

^^ Not sure why he ends up pantsless every day. 

Hopefully Michael comes around to the idea of another cat.... I mean honestly.... I am sweeping up pet hair daily like its my job (it is) so what is one more. 

MIA and Catching Up

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Every post this winter seems to start with a groan on how crappy this winter has been, hence the lack in posting. We've been snowed in most of this winter and have even only visited our beloved library a couple times since we continue to wake up to snow storms. Today, we finally got back on schedule meeting my sister in law and nephew for a fun little play date. It felt good to get out of the house to do something other than errands. 

^^ that little face, he recently learned to snort so that is ALL HE DOES. 

In other news, I am making major progress on the kitchen. All of the top cabinets are now painted and about a third of the bottom are now done. This project blows for lack of better words. It's very time consuming and is very difficult to block a toddler off from the open cabinets on the bottom. They are turning out great though, and for only about $100 in paint I am thrilled with the update. After seeing sections complete, I am reconsidering changing out the countertops to wood. While the wood would look much better, I am still a little concerned about durability. I am not hating how the laminates are looking as much as I assumed I would. In 5 years or so we plan on gutting the kitchen and installing more custom cabinetry and stone countertops, so as a temporary fix, I am happy with how things are turning out. 

Roman's passport also finally arrived. Poor kid looks like a French terrorist. How much longer until I can hold a napping baby by the pool while drinking a piña colada??

Here are a few leftovers on my camera roll to share. My paint brush is calling my name... I promise to return to more regular posts soon!

^^new bath time friends. 

^^ Hurricane Roman has made his way through every room in our house... Shortly after I took this photo he found my Tupperware container filled with glitter and glitter bombed the whole upstairs. 

Filled With Love

Saturday, February 15, 2014

We had such a wonderful day yesterday. I put off all the house chores and focused on relaxing and having fun with my little guy. We started off by going to breakfast where Roman tried chocolate for the first time. We split Nutella banana french toast and as you can see, he quite enjoyed. Then we spent the rest of the day playing and napping until it was time for Michael to get home. I also finally succeeded in baby proofing our DVD player and cable box which was definitely the downfall of Romans day. He loved pressing the buttons and opening and closing the DVD player doors which drove me insane. Once Michael got home, we headed out to dinner. My very favorite food is Chipolte (which is a love shared by both Michael and Roman.) We had the best day and Roman was in the best mood the whole day (something very hit or miss in the world of a toddler.) Have a great weekend friends! I look forward to carrying my chocolate diet over into the next two days! 


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Every holiday becomes more and more special as Roman grows... And Valentines day is no exception. I have always loved Valentines day because it's a simple holiday. Throw on a red sweater and tell your loved ones how much you love them and the chocolate, oh the chocolate.... how do you not love a calorie free day with chocolate for every meal!? Four years ago Michael proposed on Valentines day (cliche much?) and though we never celebrate with gifts, just cards and sweets... It was so fun to grab a few things for Roman this year. My little guy and I are going to celebrate the day by going to breakfast.... Lots of playing and baking, then waiting for Michael to go home so we can head to Chipolte for dinner. We so fancy.... Here are some pictures I took for Michael's Valentine for this year. Could this boy be any sweeter?

16 Months

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Last week Roman turned 16 months. Every month is so different and he is growing more and more independent every day. It is so fun watching him grow.

Weight: 28.2 lbs
Height: 31 inches
Favorite foods: He is eating more and more what we eat. Eggs and fruit most mornings for breakfast. Lunch is usually yogurt with a puréed veggie mixed in and a quesadilla or avacado on the side. Dinners are the hardest. He will usually eat what we have granted I only give him what we have if it's healthy and fresh. Sweet potato fries are his favorite. He also always wants to try Michael's protein shakes and bars and is obsessed with granola and graham crackers. He hasn't had ice cream, juice or many sweets yet. Fortunately he loves water. 
Favorite toys: The broom and anything he can climb. He is so physical and would be well entertained just climbing up and down the couch a hundred times. 
New words: Car, cow, pig (pi) pop pop, bum bum, baby (baba) 
Milestones: He uses his utensils exclusively for most meals. He is actually much better with his fork than his spoon. He also knows "let's go upstairs" or "let's go downstairs" and "daddy's home." He loves reading books and keeps running and getting new onces after we finish reading one. I don't normally put the tv on for him but teething has been hard on us lately. He's been waking up at 7 and I don't function until 730 so I have been putting Sesame Street on for him and he's been enjoying it. He still loves dancing to all music. He also blows kisses and knows his hair, eyes, nose, ears and bum bum. 
Least favorite activities: Still hates being told no!
Most used baby items: Graham crackers are my saving grace while grocery shopping and Roman's leap frog laptop is by far his favorite toy. Also anything which can double as a phone for him to put by his ear. 
Looking forward to this month: Valentines day, and Michael's birthday and all the treats that go along with! Also, praying for better weather so we can get out of the house more!

First Child Syndrome

Thursday, February 6, 2014

As most people with kids will tell you, their first child is normally their experimental child. Up until your little cutie arrives, you have no clue what type of parenting style you will adopt. You may read books, talk to other moms, and assume how you will handle each situation, but until it's 3am and you are up for the 4th time trying to get them back to sleep and finally pull them into bed with you, you can't say you are absolutely pro or against co-sleeping, or cry it out or any of the other millions of methods out there. 

I always assumed I would be the scheduled mom. I LOVE schedules, I am always early for everything, I am organized.... My child would follow suit. Then Roman arrived. I exclusively pumped his first year and felt like I spent so much time with that process that I wanted to hold him every second I could, including naps. Then as he grew, I would attempt to lay him in the crib where he would immediately pop up crying. To me, nap time is as nourishing to Roman as eating and we aren't skipping it. He would sleep like a dream if I held him, so that's what I did.... Well, do. It happened without me even seeing it.... An awful habit (that I love) was formed that realistically will only be possible with my first child. When we eventually have another baby, this won't be possible so against all advice this is the path we are on. Let me also mention, I am not for or against the cry it out method. I can totally understand why mothers go that route. I am jealous that most people who do, have amazing sleepers, (not babies who wake up 90 minutes after being laid in their crib at night crying until they end up in bed with us.) My rationale over nap time has been that I enjoy the break that I normally wouldn't take during the day to snuggle my guy. For me, I also can't justify letting him cry ever if I am here able to console him. It would be different if I worked outside the home, or had another child needing my attention, etc. It just hasn't been for us... Yet. The co sleeping for part of the night I have mixed feelings on. Michael and I share our queen bed with a 74lb black lab, and 27lb toddler. We get woken up a lot. But we both love having him snuggled up to us at night too. Needless to say we are in the market for a king size bed...

I know things will need to change eventually when our family grows, and know we are creating a monster with these habits. It's safe to say, Roman is likely being raised differently than any future siblings. 

It also goes without saying, anyone with any advise on the matter... I would love to hear anything that has worked for you and your little babes! 

Look at this sweet sleeping baby... Can you honestly blame me?!

Still Here

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lately, I feel like we've done nothing, yet have been so busy all at the same time. We've been working on Valentines, which will immediately be followed by birthday preparation for Michael, then our 3rd wedding anniversary, then vacation. Lucky for us we have something fun going on every two weeks until Easter, which is the only way we are going to make it through he rest of this winter. I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel... Alleluia! The past few weeks have been spent catching up on the dr appointments which I've been putting off way past reminder dates, and applying for Roman's passport, which was a mess in itself. Getting a picture of a toddlers whole face, looking at the camera, while I am holding him bench press style, no parents arms in the photo and he was too short to sit on the stool.... Not to mention the lady was 300 working the camera and moved about as quick as a turtle.. Beer please.) I can't say it enough that this winter has been brutal on us and we are all counting down the days until Pittsburgh warms up and we can go out without 1000 layers on to have fun.... Until then, we will continue to read books every 3 minutes and play jungle gym by climbing over our toy baskets, over the arm of the couch then somersaulting onto Rocky over and over again... Spring, you can make an appearance anytime! 


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