16 Months

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Last week Roman turned 16 months. Every month is so different and he is growing more and more independent every day. It is so fun watching him grow.

Weight: 28.2 lbs
Height: 31 inches
Favorite foods: He is eating more and more what we eat. Eggs and fruit most mornings for breakfast. Lunch is usually yogurt with a puréed veggie mixed in and a quesadilla or avacado on the side. Dinners are the hardest. He will usually eat what we have granted I only give him what we have if it's healthy and fresh. Sweet potato fries are his favorite. He also always wants to try Michael's protein shakes and bars and is obsessed with granola and graham crackers. He hasn't had ice cream, juice or many sweets yet. Fortunately he loves water. 
Favorite toys: The broom and anything he can climb. He is so physical and would be well entertained just climbing up and down the couch a hundred times. 
New words: Car, cow, pig (pi) pop pop, bum bum, baby (baba) 
Milestones: He uses his utensils exclusively for most meals. He is actually much better with his fork than his spoon. He also knows "let's go upstairs" or "let's go downstairs" and "daddy's home." He loves reading books and keeps running and getting new onces after we finish reading one. I don't normally put the tv on for him but teething has been hard on us lately. He's been waking up at 7 and I don't function until 730 so I have been putting Sesame Street on for him and he's been enjoying it. He still loves dancing to all music. He also blows kisses and knows his hair, eyes, nose, ears and bum bum. 
Least favorite activities: Still hates being told no!
Most used baby items: Graham crackers are my saving grace while grocery shopping and Roman's leap frog laptop is by far his favorite toy. Also anything which can double as a phone for him to put by his ear. 
Looking forward to this month: Valentines day, and Michael's birthday and all the treats that go along with! Also, praying for better weather so we can get out of the house more!

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