First Child Syndrome

Thursday, February 6, 2014

As most people with kids will tell you, their first child is normally their experimental child. Up until your little cutie arrives, you have no clue what type of parenting style you will adopt. You may read books, talk to other moms, and assume how you will handle each situation, but until it's 3am and you are up for the 4th time trying to get them back to sleep and finally pull them into bed with you, you can't say you are absolutely pro or against co-sleeping, or cry it out or any of the other millions of methods out there. 

I always assumed I would be the scheduled mom. I LOVE schedules, I am always early for everything, I am organized.... My child would follow suit. Then Roman arrived. I exclusively pumped his first year and felt like I spent so much time with that process that I wanted to hold him every second I could, including naps. Then as he grew, I would attempt to lay him in the crib where he would immediately pop up crying. To me, nap time is as nourishing to Roman as eating and we aren't skipping it. He would sleep like a dream if I held him, so that's what I did.... Well, do. It happened without me even seeing it.... An awful habit (that I love) was formed that realistically will only be possible with my first child. When we eventually have another baby, this won't be possible so against all advice this is the path we are on. Let me also mention, I am not for or against the cry it out method. I can totally understand why mothers go that route. I am jealous that most people who do, have amazing sleepers, (not babies who wake up 90 minutes after being laid in their crib at night crying until they end up in bed with us.) My rationale over nap time has been that I enjoy the break that I normally wouldn't take during the day to snuggle my guy. For me, I also can't justify letting him cry ever if I am here able to console him. It would be different if I worked outside the home, or had another child needing my attention, etc. It just hasn't been for us... Yet. The co sleeping for part of the night I have mixed feelings on. Michael and I share our queen bed with a 74lb black lab, and 27lb toddler. We get woken up a lot. But we both love having him snuggled up to us at night too. Needless to say we are in the market for a king size bed...

I know things will need to change eventually when our family grows, and know we are creating a monster with these habits. It's safe to say, Roman is likely being raised differently than any future siblings. 

It also goes without saying, anyone with any advise on the matter... I would love to hear anything that has worked for you and your little babes! 

Look at this sweet sleeping baby... Can you honestly blame me?!

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  1. I just love him. I don't know how all of you sleep in the same bed! We have a king and b has slept with us maybe twice and I had bruises lol!



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