Thursday, February 13, 2014

Every holiday becomes more and more special as Roman grows... And Valentines day is no exception. I have always loved Valentines day because it's a simple holiday. Throw on a red sweater and tell your loved ones how much you love them and the chocolate, oh the chocolate.... how do you not love a calorie free day with chocolate for every meal!? Four years ago Michael proposed on Valentines day (cliche much?) and though we never celebrate with gifts, just cards and sweets... It was so fun to grab a few things for Roman this year. My little guy and I are going to celebrate the day by going to breakfast.... Lots of playing and baking, then waiting for Michael to go home so we can head to Chipolte for dinner. We so fancy.... Here are some pictures I took for Michael's Valentine for this year. Could this boy be any sweeter?


  1. Omg!!! Your son is Roman! My son is Roman, too!!! Never met anyone who had a son named Roman... too cool!

    He's adorable. Great photos :) I love Valentine's Day chocolates, hearts and flowers. It's a happy day :) Great post! So happy to have discovered your blog. You have great photography!


    1. Awe I was just checking out your blog! It's gorgeous! As are your photos and of course your two little cuties! Glad we found each other!




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