MIA and Catching Up

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Every post this winter seems to start with a groan on how crappy this winter has been, hence the lack in posting. We've been snowed in most of this winter and have even only visited our beloved library a couple times since we continue to wake up to snow storms. Today, we finally got back on schedule meeting my sister in law and nephew for a fun little play date. It felt good to get out of the house to do something other than errands. 

^^ that little face, he recently learned to snort so that is ALL HE DOES. 

In other news, I am making major progress on the kitchen. All of the top cabinets are now painted and about a third of the bottom are now done. This project blows for lack of better words. It's very time consuming and is very difficult to block a toddler off from the open cabinets on the bottom. They are turning out great though, and for only about $100 in paint I am thrilled with the update. After seeing sections complete, I am reconsidering changing out the countertops to wood. While the wood would look much better, I am still a little concerned about durability. I am not hating how the laminates are looking as much as I assumed I would. In 5 years or so we plan on gutting the kitchen and installing more custom cabinetry and stone countertops, so as a temporary fix, I am happy with how things are turning out. 

Roman's passport also finally arrived. Poor kid looks like a French terrorist. How much longer until I can hold a napping baby by the pool while drinking a piña colada??

Here are a few leftovers on my camera roll to share. My paint brush is calling my name... I promise to return to more regular posts soon!

^^new bath time friends. 

^^ Hurricane Roman has made his way through every room in our house... Shortly after I took this photo he found my Tupperware container filled with glitter and glitter bombed the whole upstairs. 


  1. Bahahaha French terrorist I'm DYING!!! He does lol!!! Where are you going???

    1. To the atlantis in the Bahamas!!! Mama needs a piña colada



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