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Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm not sure how we didn't know about bath paints and crayons until recently, but I finally crawled out from under the rock and found some crayons at target. Roman got a little crazy with the new activity but loved them none the less. 

I've mentioned 1000 times before, but I love 4moms products... If you have been living under the same rock as me then check out their website HERE. The 4moms spout cover has been a life saver for us since I apparently have no sense of temperature.... You can read about that HERE. 4moms is giving away the bath bundle of all bundles  with Aden and Anais where you have a chance to win their 4moms infant bath tub and spout cover along with other goodies. To enter, click HERE... Good luck and splish splash! 

In like a lion... Out like a lion?

Friday, March 21, 2014

would love to say spring has sprung here in Pittsburgh.... But unfortunately that is not the case. Our weather has been a bit bipolar... Forecasts today called for 57 degrees with rain, when in actuality it snowed an inch around noon then dried up and was 40 this afternoon. Pretty sure Roman could have predicted the weather better. We've taken the prolonged cold weather as an opportunity to spring clean early. Our closets and spare rooms look a bit like squatters have moved in. They've become the dumping grounds for old decorations, piles of craft materials which will never get touched and old clothes that I know I will never wear again. I've been making daily trips to goodwill all week to drop off donations and finally I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel or the back of the closet so to speak.

Lucky for us Michael, took today off to celebrate our anniversary a few days late and we took advantage of family time by visiting the children's museum. Roman LOVES any museum and now that we ditched lugging a stroller every time and he can walk around on his own he loves it even more, sometimes forgetting he's just a little guy with all the big kids running around. Today we played in the water area for the first time and Roman was totally THAT kid in a sweater and jeans soaked head to toe. He loved the part where it rained from the ceiling (obviously the messiest part of the whole exhibit) and stood there forever trying to figure it out. 

Our dinette chairs also finally got delivered this afternoon. Roman loves climbing on them, I just love them, and Michael hates them. Two against one right? The boxes were a hit too. 

We also took a walk this evening trying to ward off the afternoon meltdowns sure to happen by skipping nap time today. The rain boots are killing me. My little love. 

Hoping spring has made its way to some of you! 

17 months

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I am so late on this post with no real excuse except that time passes just too darn fast! 17 months already... And sweeter and sweeter every day. 

Weight: 29 lbs
Height: 31 inches
Favorite foods: He eats 100% what we eat therefor I've really had to focus that what we keep in the house is nutritional. He loves eggs for breakfast though I occasionally make batches of whole wheat pancakes to eat throughout the week. We do french toast a few times a week and he always eats fruit with his breakfast. Normally banana, raspberries, blueberries or kiwi. Lunch is either a veggie quesadilla, an avocado melt, mac n cheese with veggies, or leftovers from the night before. Dinner favorites are any sort of pasta or fish. He also likes breaded chicken and will eat veggies if he can eat them off of Michaels plate. Snack time includes granola, yogurt, whole wheat goldfish, or gram crackers. We still do organic 2% milk with breakfast, lunch and and hour before bed while he is settling down in the evening. 
Sleep: It's definitely time to add this category. He is a terrible sleeper. He will take a 3 hour nap if I hold him. Obviously this isn't reasonable forever. On occasion I can set him down in his crib and he will stay there for an hour or so until he startles and sees I'm not holding him. At night he sleeps 10 hours max. I hold him until he falls asleep then put him in his crib at 9:00. Sometimes he wakes up at 10:30 and only settles down if he comes to our bed, sometimes he will stay in his crib until 4am but never stays there the whole night. He has yet to sleep through the night in his own crib. He will sleep until 7am in our bed. Though everyone tells us to cry it out (us and him) it really doesn't bother Michael and I too much, and I just can't do CIO. It's not for me, yet. Hopefully he grows out of this eventually?! 
Favorite toys: Books and wood puzzles are his absolute favorite. Kitty kitty his stuffed animal from GG. He also is still obsessed with the jug of plastic Easter eggs I got him from target. 
New words: Help, bink, dog. Speech has been slow for him. He knows what things are... And will retrieve things when I ask him to. He knows where things belong and knows to get his jacket, shoes, time to go, upstairs, get in your seat, take Rocky's bowls back, go get the broom, hi, bye, get your cup, etc, etc, etc. He has just been slower verbalizing. 
Milestones: I feel like he does a lot more this month (as mentioned above) to know what I'm asking of him. He tries to dress himself in the morning. He is learning to jump which is the cutest thing ever. He is my little helper with Rocky during the day. He will try to open the back door to let Rocky out if Rocky is standing there or to let him back in. He also holds the spoon with Rocky's peanut butter and vitamins in the morning. If Rocky barks he tries to give him his bink. He feeds him everything including his sippy of milk. He can point out his head, hair, nose, feet and bum bum. He is also showing signs of being potty training ready which I may start easing into after our trip. His diaper is dry in the morning from the night before, and he hides when he #2's. 
Least favorite activities: Having to do anything he doesn't want. Restaurant high chairs, and diaper changes still top the list too. 
Most used baby items: Recently, I downloaded some apps on my kindle fire for Roman and it has been a huge help while in the car or grocery shopping. He loves the Sesame Street app and anything with animal sounds. He is still obsessed over the potty book by Leslie Patricelli. It's the cutest book ever and he gets so excited on the "bye, bye diaper" page. 
Looking forward to this month: The weather is finally turning and we have been taking daily walks. We celebrated our anniversary yesterday and Roman pigged out on Chipolte like the rest of us. He also loved watching our wedding video and freaked out screaming "da, da" anytime Michael would come up on the tv. One month and counting until the Bahamas!! 

3 years

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I can't believe Michael and I are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary today. It seriously seems like just yesterday that I saw him walking through the halls at work, and without even knowing his name told my work girlfriend that I am going to marry him. I'm grateful he was also thinking the same thing. Every year since we met we've had something going on, dating, engaged, newlyweds, pregnancy, then a newborn. This will actually be our first year of just normal... If you can ever call anything with a toddler normal. I hate to say the first three years of marriage have been a breeze but they really have.... Hopefully the next 50+ follow suit. I married a good, good man who doesn't have a mean bone in him. He does the right thing 100% of the time. He is fair. He is smart. He is handy. He is handsome. He is the funniest person I know. I am so proud of how hard he works (even though I nag him often how late he stays at work.) He is the most determined person I know. I couldn't be more thankful to wake up next to him every day. When I saw him for the first time at work, I never could have imagined how wonderful Michael would really end up being. I love him more than he will ever know.

Here are a few pictures from our big day.... We had a destination wedding at the Atlantis in the Bahamas with 28 of our closest friends and family. We were absolutely floored that so many people made it down for our special day. I can't tell you how many times I think of everyone (my best friends especially) traveling down there and how it brings a tear to my eye. It meant the world to us and still does. 

We had our welcome dinner at Bimini Road where we were surprised with a Junkanoo band. 

Our ceremony at Palm point. 

Cocktail hour and dinner and dancing at the Royal Overlook. 

Anyone remember the shots song? Well 3 years ago it had just come out... And they played it constantly down there... It was the unofficial anthem of our wedding. I don't usually drink.... But I may have thrown up in my wedding dress that night... (And much of the next day) Bahama mama's.... (Fist shaking to the sky.) 

Exactly as planned

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's not very often when you have a toddler that those three words can describe a day. Monday was the exception to the rule. We are finally getting a little taste of spring in Pittsburgh so we took full advantage by visiting the museum. I had visions (much like my vision of Roman napping by the pool in the Bahamas while I drink a piƱa colada) that Roman would run around in the children's area then fall asleep once we got to the fine art area... And that is just what he did. He loved seeing the dinosaurs and taxidermy animals... Then I loved being able to enjoy the art with a sleeping baby. Hope everyone's week started equally as perfect! 


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