In like a lion... Out like a lion?

Friday, March 21, 2014

would love to say spring has sprung here in Pittsburgh.... But unfortunately that is not the case. Our weather has been a bit bipolar... Forecasts today called for 57 degrees with rain, when in actuality it snowed an inch around noon then dried up and was 40 this afternoon. Pretty sure Roman could have predicted the weather better. We've taken the prolonged cold weather as an opportunity to spring clean early. Our closets and spare rooms look a bit like squatters have moved in. They've become the dumping grounds for old decorations, piles of craft materials which will never get touched and old clothes that I know I will never wear again. I've been making daily trips to goodwill all week to drop off donations and finally I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel or the back of the closet so to speak.

Lucky for us Michael, took today off to celebrate our anniversary a few days late and we took advantage of family time by visiting the children's museum. Roman LOVES any museum and now that we ditched lugging a stroller every time and he can walk around on his own he loves it even more, sometimes forgetting he's just a little guy with all the big kids running around. Today we played in the water area for the first time and Roman was totally THAT kid in a sweater and jeans soaked head to toe. He loved the part where it rained from the ceiling (obviously the messiest part of the whole exhibit) and stood there forever trying to figure it out. 

Our dinette chairs also finally got delivered this afternoon. Roman loves climbing on them, I just love them, and Michael hates them. Two against one right? The boxes were a hit too. 

We also took a walk this evening trying to ward off the afternoon meltdowns sure to happen by skipping nap time today. The rain boots are killing me. My little love. 

Hoping spring has made its way to some of you! 



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