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Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm not sure how we didn't know about bath paints and crayons until recently, but I finally crawled out from under the rock and found some crayons at target. Roman got a little crazy with the new activity but loved them none the less. 

I've mentioned 1000 times before, but I love 4moms products... If you have been living under the same rock as me then check out their website HERE. The 4moms spout cover has been a life saver for us since I apparently have no sense of temperature.... You can read about that HERE. 4moms is giving away the bath bundle of all bundles  with Aden and Anais where you have a chance to win their 4moms infant bath tub and spout cover along with other goodies. To enter, click HERE... Good luck and splish splash! 


  1. We could definitely use one since dad does bathtime and I swear our definitions of warm bath are way different. And you know we love our bath tub painting!

  2. B loves those crayons. He also loves to eat them.

  3. B loves those crayons!



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