Becoming a bride... Again

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Holy moly it's been quite the hiatus I've taken from my blog. More on that later, but first if you follow along on my instagram (@amynicole124) you may remember my best three girl friends and myself dressing up in our wedding gowns again for photos a few weeks ago. My three best friends all got married in 2013. We had such a fun, busy year... And when it was all over with, we thought it would be fun to take some special photos together marking this time in our lives. (And frankly, what girl doesn't want to wear her wedding dress again.) My husband thought we were crazy, and when I tried my dress on a week before and got stuck for two hours needing to be rescued by Michael I thought maybe we were too... But these relationships all have survived over 15 years... high school, college, moving to different states, new jobs, boyfriends, break ups, new boyfriends, engagements, marriages, children, you name it. Allison and I have been friends since kindergarten. If you can manage to stay friends with one person practically your whole life, you are lucky.... And I have three. It was so fun to take these pictures, and they are something I will cherish forever. 

^^what most of the day looked like. 

They also took single portraits of each of us which was nice since I didn't really have any from my wedding day. 

My friends are gorgeous! 

Anyone in Pittsburgh looking for an amazing photographer, Your Wedding Project was out of this world. They were so patient with our giggling like 10 year olds and the additional laughs that happened every time I laughed and my dress would unzip. Thank you Dana and Keren! 


  1. Oh my gosh, how fun and what great pictures!! :) Gorgeous dresses!!

  2. These are great! At first when I saw the pics on IG, I had thought if I had done them and like what would I do them - didn't fully understand the concept. But reading about your friendships and seeing the bond in the photos, you can just see the sisterhood you and your friends possess. They are really beautiful. (hope that doesn't come off backhanded!! seeing more images and having it it context really made me see it differently!)

  3. Thanks Erinn! I felt the same way until I saw how they turned out. They will be a nice keepsake through the years. Now I will seriously never get in my dress again lol! We had so much fun though.



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